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Who are we?

We are BringTypeStudio located in Indonesia is a creative place that focuses on sales in the field of design, Bringtypestudio is only formed by squares and circles that can be an inspiration in making fonts.

Bringtypestudio was founded in 2019 with the aim of providing font innovations for designers with typography that is unique and different from the others.

At BringTypeStudio visitor privacy is very important to protect, with that we will explain what the privacy police are on our website


Q: What data do we store?
A: We store your data such as your name, address, email etc, we store your data when you make a transaction on our website and at the same time enter it into a subscriber list that you can unsubscribed it later if don’t want it.

Q: what is the data needed for?
A: We use this data when you make a transaction on our website as a reciprocal for the invoice needed.

Q: Does your website use cookies?
A: We do not use cookies on our website.

Q: Is buyer data safe?
A: Of course we will keep your data confidential from anyone, if you are not happy about your personal data we can delete your personal data from our data.

Q: Whether the payment data is stored?
A: We do not store payment data, because we use a 3rd party paypal payment system such as paypal etc.

Q: Whether the data will be given to the 3rd party?
A: We do not sell, trade or even transfer your identifying information to third parties.

Q: Can children under 13 years old access this website?
A: We do not target our products to children under the age of 13, so we hope that the role of parents is very important in supervising children to access a website.

Q: Can you view this website anonymously?
A: Yes of course, our website can be visited anonymously, but if you are going to buy our products, you must still enter the necessary personal information.

Q: How can i contact for more information?
A: Yes of course, you can contact us at

I hope this is all I have explained for the privacy police,

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This policy was last reviewed on 10 September 2020